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Coffee Break

# CBRK $3.00 - $3.29 | Min Qty 150

Brew up a promotion that will wake everyone up, with our 8-cup Coffee Break! Features the finest freshly roasted ground coffee and is available in rich and aromatic varieties. The Coffee Break features a full-color digital label. Dimensions: 2"w x 5 1/2" H x 1 1/2" D. Non-melt product. Keywords: Ad, Advertise, Advertised, Advertises, Advertisement, Advertisements, Advertising, Aroma, Aromas, Bean, Beans, Beverage, Beverages, Branded, Brands, Brew, Brewed, Brewing, Brews, Brochures, Business, Businesses, Café, Cafes, Caffeinated, Caffeine, Campaign, Campaigns, Child, Children, Coffees, College, Colleges, Companies, Confection, Confections, Conferences, Corporate, Customizable, Customize, Customized, Drink, Drinks, Eat, Eating, Edible,Edibles, Education, Event, Events, Fair, Fairs, Favor, Favors, Festival, Food, Foods, Gift, Gifts, Giveaway, Goodie, Goodies, Holiday, Holidays, Hot, Hotel, Imprinted, Imprinting, Imprints, In, In., Inch, Inches, Individual, Individuals, Information, Informative, Java, Joe, Kid, Kids, Logos, Market, Marketing, Meeting, Meetings, Occasion, Occasions, Office, Offices, Ounce, Ounces, Oz, Package, Packaged, Packages, Packaging, Party, Personalize,Personalized, Presentation, Presentations, Promo, Promote, Promotes, Promotional, Promotions, Reception, Receptions, Resort, Roast, Roasted, Roasts, School, Schools, Seminar, Seminars, Shaped, Shapes, Show, Snack, Snacks, Student, Students, Teas, Trade Show, Trade shows

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